Purchase Module - EasyAccounting Software

Purchasing is another important task of your business. EzyAccounting makes your purchase process very simple, transparent and time saving. This accounting software helps you to prepare all the documents of purchase process like preparing purchase order, Purchase Receipts, Bill Payments and get vendor statements etc.

Flow & Process of Purchase Module

Purchase module consists Five sub-modules. You have Vendor Master to organize your Vendor details, Purchase Orders, Material Receipts, Bill Management, Payments, Purchase Return and Vendor Statement. You may add unlimited records under each module.

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Vendor Records

User can create vendor ledger. You can be as detailed as you feel necessary. Vendors are normally all the parties which you buy your products or services from.

Main Details Tab Contains general information about customer like Vendor Name, group and opening balance.

Secondary Details Tab Contains important information Contact details, Credit period, Credit Limit, Pricing Level, account number and VAT number etc of the customer. Price level field from Pricing section indicates in which way the inventory items price in quotation/sales order/invoice will be calculated.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders is used for creation, editing and looking through the information concerning the purchase orders. If the order is fulfilled by vendor, afterwards you will be able to attach purchase order into a purchase receipt. PO numbers are unique and generated automatically as per your numbering policy defined in settings.

Material Receipts

The Material Receipts is used for creation, editing and looking through the information concerning the supplies of inventory items by the vendor. You may create purchase receipt from purchase order. Purchase Receipt Numbers are unique and generated automatically as per policy defined in settings. Purchase Receipts entries affect the inventory automatically.

Purchase Invoices

The Purchase Invoice Management is used for creation, editing and looking through the information about purchase bills. It is very easy to enter purchase invoices in the software. Purchase Invoice can be done against order, material receipt or directly.

Bill Payments

You can pay multiple or all payments to all your outstanding bills in the Payment Voucher module. Inside this module you will see all outstanding transactions and balances for all your vendors. You are capable of entering your payments manually to any transaction, or apply payments by using buttons.

Purchase Return

The returning of damaged items can be done easily. Return may be against an invoice. Direct returning is also possible.