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Easy Cheque Alignment!

Cheque alignment means to align the parameters of cheque in correct position and neatly. Now all the payments are made by cheques. So writing cheque is an integral part of all financial sectors. A neat and clean cheque presenting a good professional image of organization.

The Cheque Alignment module helps user to configure the Cheque dimensions as desired. To ease this process the cheque templates are available for almost all banks.

Cheque printing software reduces the number of manual writing errors occur during writing cheques manually. It gives a presentable and formal look to your cheque. This software has so many useful features such as batch printing, typo error free etc. Except all these features, this software makes your cheque tamper proof. This printing software creates a positive image in banks, organizations by safely printing their cheques.

Nowadays, the solution for cheque alignment is our FastCheque cheque printing software. Cheque printing software is very easy to use and it auto-fills all cheque parameters such as payee name, date, amount in figures, amount in words, company name and other options on any size of cheque from any country to an office printer. It has many useful features. It also automatically attains functions such as storing cheque information and other important details.

Cheque printing software has inbuilt feature of cheque alignment, import data from database, batch printing etc. It removes the errors and automatically converts amount in figures to amount in words. Its alignment engine ensures to write cheque without mistakes.

Because of your small writing mistakes, your cheque can be rejected by bank. Cheque printing software has feature that eliminates spelling mistakes. This software is used all over the world. You do not need to fill cheque again and again; you can import data from Excel. Search tool allows you to search easily the cheque related information.

Cheque printing software has a WYSIWYG "What You See Is what You Get" alignment engine. With this you can draw cheque layout according to your printer and you can choose different fonts, dimensions, import cheque templates, landscape or portrait printing etc.

You can learn the operations of this software within few minutes. Cheque printing software have user guide and video tutorial that offers you hassle free guidance. It offers a flexible platform with dynamic functions supporting multiple users, banks, companies.

FastCheque offers very user friendly interface to design cheque formats and print cheque of any bank.