Accounting Module in EasyAccounting Software

The core Accounting Module is this accounting system is used by accountants to perform day-to-day accounting operations.

Accounting Module Overview

Accounting module consists five sub-modules. You have Chart of Account Management, General Ledger, Day Book, Accounting adjustments and Financial Periods Management. You may perform unlimited transactions under every module.

accounting management software

Profit & Loss Statement

Offers Detailed & Condensed profit & loss statement.

General Ledger

The General Ledger stores all posted transactions throughout the program. From the General Ledger module you can review all the activity for the specific GL Account. Period from the beginning of the year untill the current date is provided in the From Date field and the To Date fields.

Balance Sheet

Offers Detailed & Condensed Balance Sheet. You can drill down from balance sheet till entry screen.

Trial Balance

Trial Balance for the current financial period.

Cash Flow / Fund Flow

Offers Detailed & Condensed Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statements.

Chart of Account

Software comes with common account groups and ledgers. Ledgers can be created as one by one or multiple ledgers under a group by user.