HR and Payroll Software in UAE

HR Management is a very tedious task and I am sure that all HR managers will be agree with me on this point. On the other side, All payroll accountants have noticeable pressure at every month end to calculate payroll of all employees of company to make salary transfer. All Payroll officers knew that why many employees are looking at them when it is month end.

EasyHR, which really means to make HR Management Easy, It is a very Simple HR Software which offers Employee Management, Document Expiry reminders and Payroll Calculations. This HR Software calculates payroll, makes wps file and can email payslips in one click. It is a complete HR Management and Payroll System. HR System reminds for various employee document renewal, leave & appraisal due and birthdays etc along with company trade license and vehicle renewals.

Reminders Dashboard

Software welcomes with a dashboard of all documents which are going to expire or already expired. No more fines for expired documents. Double click on any reminder to see detailed view with printable options. You can set number of days before expiry date, you would like to get reminder of document expiry!

Expiry Reminders Dashboard

Employee Profiles

Maintain basic details of employees to view or print when you need. Software offers maximum information to be recorded for each employee, which is well categorized and organized for quick access purpose.

Employee Profile Management

Contact & Basic Details of Employee

Basic details of employee with File No, Code, Department, Designation, Hire date, Status, Other Personal details with insurance & skills etc. Record Local contact details, Home country contact details & One local reference detail for each employee.

Employee Basic Details

Salary Details

Record salary details & bank information of employee along with overtime profile assignment to process payroll and calculate salaries automatically. User may add unlimited allowances & fix deductions for each employee. Software uses this information to create wps .sif file to transfer salaries through bank or exchange.

Employee Salary Details

Passport / Visa Details

Maintain passport, visa and Labor card along with respective expiry dates to get reminder before they get expire. EasyHR provides report listing of passport details, visa and labour card etc. These reports can be printed or exported to excel or pdf file.

Employee Passport and Visa Details

Qualification & Work Experience

Maintain qualification details & work experience of each employee. User may input unlimited records!

Qualification and Work Experience

Salary Increment history

Input a record every time you give salary increment and you will be in better position to take decision if it is right time to give increment when employees demand.

Salary Increment History

Annual Leave Records

Input a record every time an employee goes on annual leave. You will input From date and To date of leave, Ticket given or not etc. Software will automatically calculate about total consumed leave and balance leave of each employee as per their joining date.

Employee Vacation Records

Issued Assets / Equipments

Maintain record of issued personal equipment to each employee so you can get back valuable assets when employee leaves company. This option is also useful to track, in case you issue certain things like dresses or safety shoes to employees every 6 months or a year.

Issued Assets to Employee

Expenses & Complaints

Record all expenses occurred on each employee and get one click printout of all expenses occurred on any employee since he has joined. Software allows you to record all complaints against each employee and actions taken against it. Software have option to take print out of expenses and complaints for any employee when required.

Employee Expenses and Complaints

Scanned Documents

Save unlimited scanned documents of each employee along with their records to view or print later when you need urgent. You may also attach other format like word, excel or pdf documents for each & every employee record.

If you have maintained employee's detail in excel / word files, you dont need to through them away or maintain seperatly! You may attach those documents along with respective employee record and software will maintain those documents and allow you to open / edit through software when need urgent.

Employee Document Management

Payroll - Automatic Salary Calculation

Software automatically calculates monthly salary for all employees based on defined Basic Salary + Allowances - Deductions. You may input OT hours for OT calculation and absents to affect salary. Software organizes calculated salaries in folders of Years and Months. User can print salary vouchers & monthly salary statement etc. Software offers brillient option to deliver respective salary vouchers by email to every employee in just one click.

Automatic Salary Calculation

Employee Loans - Cash Advance

You can define issued cash advance & agreed monthly installment in the software for the employee. It automatically deducts installment from monthly salary every month until full loan is recovered. EasyHR have option in case you don't want to deduct installment for any particular month or want to increase or decrease the installment amount.

Employee Cash Advance

Vehicle Records Mgmt

Maintain basic details of all your Vehicles. Based on entered details, EasyHR reminds about vehicle registration expiry. You can record repair expenses on each vehicle. Software lets you attach unlimited documents with each vehicle record.

Vehicle Record Management

Company Module

Basic details of company along with trade license information. Store Scanned & other documents of company. The Documents which you take photo copy and keep in physical file, you may scan and store along with records to view or print later on when you need urgent. This is a multi company software, you can create unlimited companies!

company management

Tenancy contracts & Insurances belong to company. EasyHR gives reminders before any tenancy contract is going to expire or any insurance expiry date is reaching near by...

Tenancy contracts

Multi User Support

Software supports multiple users with module level access. Admin user can create multiple users and assign them appropriate permissions to perform tasks.

multi user

User Defined Over Time (OT)

You can define unlimited over time (OT) profiles and define your own formulas. These OT profiles can be assigned to employees and payroll will automatically calculate OT amount for each employee as per their assigned formula.

overtime formulas

Automatic Gratuity Calculation

You can define / change gratuity calculation formula. Software will automatically calculate gratuity for every employee as per defined formula as per their basic salary.

gratuity calculation