HR and Payroll Software Abu Dhabi

HR and Payroll Software for Abu Dhabi

EasyHR is perfect for organizations of any size and has the capability to adjust as your Human Resources and Payroll requirements grow or change. We can work with you, listening to your requirements, wants, issues and different situations, ensuring that the software fulfills your needs. This is a ready to use HR and Payroll Software, no time consuming implementation process, simply install the software and adjust the configuration by changing options under settings module as your corporate needs.

With EasyHR we don't just provide you with the HR software, we offer on-site installation, configuration and training. Not only that, we can also migrate or transfer your employee’s data from excel files into the EasyHR Software.

A dedicated consultant will manage the installation and training of your HR solution and after sales support. We offer first level of support by phone and second level by remote help desk.

This HR and Payroll Software is designed in such way that within 2 hours of training, you will be able to make full use of hr payroll features. That is the power of its user friendly interface which any one can operate.

We offer free onsite live demonstration of this HR and Payroll Software in all areas of Abu Dhabi including Mussafah.

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