Payroll System in Abu Dhabi

HR and Payroll System in Abu Dhabi

EasyHR Software provides Payroll solution, HR and Time Attendance solutions to organizations in UAE. Our mission is to provide user-friendly and user-focused payroll software which is easy to use and cost-effective solution at the same time. We take pride in ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with the quality product and after sale technical support when you become our valued customer.

EasyHR is a straight forward Payroll solution ideal for small to medium sized companies looking for smart payroll features and HR integration. Delicate Software offers a cost-effective solution which requires no implementation at all, simply install the software, go to settings and choose the options you want to opt and you are ready to enter your workforce data in 30 minutes and then process payroll in one click. EasyHR comes with pre-defined configurations and formulas such as gratuity calculation and overtime calculations as per UAE tendencies.

This Payroll software makes the life of an employer, payroll manager or HR manager easier. EasyHR improves productivity and simplifies the administration of your payroll process, so you and your staff can focus on other business tasks which is your core activity. We offer onsite installation and training anywhere in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates.

Once you have employee profiles on place, every month, in one click, EasyHR can calculate payroll of all your employees and prepares salary statement for the month, creates pay slips which you can print or EasyHR can email everyone to their email ids and prepares wps sif file (wages protection system file) to transfer salaries by bank or exchange. You can import overtime and attendance from excel file to calculate overtime salary amount and absent deductions etc.

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